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Feet Up Comfort Reviving Foot Spray

Price : LE 219

Breathe new life into tired feet whenever you need to with the instant cooling effect of this uplifting spray. Enhanced with natural Eucalyptus and Mint oils it deodorises to leave your feet odour-free and perfectly refreshed. Dermatologically tested and suitable for use inside shoes too!

We recommend the following simple steps for the perfect Feet Up Comfort routine:

STEP 1. Relaxing Bath Soak  – the perfect foot tonic after a long day.

STEP 2. Stimulating Foot Scrub – exfoliates your feet in preparation for your foot cream.

STEP 3. Daily Softening Foot Cream  – great for morning use because it absorbs quickly, with no greasy residue.

STEP 4. Overnight Moisturising Foot Cream  – the ultimate night-time treat. Use with Feet Up Comfort Socks for best results!

STEP 5. Reviving Foot Spray – use at any time to refresh your feet or shoes.


How to use ??

Spray all over clean, dry feet, keeping the can 15 cm away from your skin. Also suitable for use inside your shoes.

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For: Her & Him